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CH43 Remote Door Chime Alarm

Self-contained Door alarm chime

Model CH41 is a low cost stand alone chime that is designed to detect movement within 6 feet [2 m] of the chime's front sensor eye and is useful for announcing the entry of a customer or visitor.

CH41 has the following features:

  • Operates on (4) AA batteries
  • Switch settings for HI and LOW volume chime
  • Switch settings for three different chimes
  • Sits on a flat surface facing the entrance or can hang on a wall facing the entrance
  • Best detecting range requires a light source behind the chime
  • Measures 4.3H x 2.5W x 3.0D inches [110 x 64 x 75 mm]

Door alarm chime with remote receiver

Model CH43 combines a battery/DC powered transmitter that utilizes infrared sensing to detect movement within 15 feet [5 m] of the sensor's eye and is useful for announcing the entry of a customer or visitor.  The wireless remote receiver chimes if within 1000 feet [300 m] of the transmitter.

CH43 has the following features:

  • Sensor/Transmitter operates on (3) AAA batteries or via a micro-USB jack for connection of a 5V power source..  Remote receivers are designed to be plugged into standard 115 VAC wall power.
  • Systems arrive digitally "keyed" as a set as not to intefere with other systems within the vacinity.
  • Sensor/Transmitter includes a wall mount bracket and LED indicator to assist in setup
  • Receivers emit a low level "flash" to indicate proper power connection and flash a bright blue (as well as audible chime) when receiving a "visitor present" signal from the transmitter.
  • Transmitter measures 3.3H x 3.0W x 1.8D inches [84 x 75 x 46 mm]; Receiver measures 2.5H x 3.4W x 0.8D [64 x 86 x 20 mm]
  • The system has CE approval through a notified body.  Declarations provided upon request.

CH41 Door Chime Alarm