model 20 Sidewalk / sandwich Board Signs

36" H x 21" W [900 x 525 mm] Message Panels on Both Sides
Sign Frame:  Powder Coated Steel measuring 41H x 21W inches [1040 x 530 mm] and weighs 19 lbs [8.6 Kg]

Standard Models
Part Number  Description
SL20-N   Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with (1) 4" and (1) 2" Character Sets (377 count) 
SL20-DModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with (2) 4" Character Sets (372 count)  
SL20-BFModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with blank, white styrene panels
SL20-NPModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign without panels
SL21Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with Dry Erase Panels and Marker Set
SL23Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with Black Chalkboard and Colored Chalk Set
ACC20PVC Protective Panels Set - Guard your sign from weather and tampering 

Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL20 with Letter Tracks

100015Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL21 - Dry Erase
100105Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL23 - Chalk Board

metal frame Signs

Designed for years of rigorous outdoor use, all Stop Look Sign metal frame signs feature:

  • Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Message Panels that Support 2", 4", 6" and 8" Characters
  • Optional Covers that Protect Against Weather and Mischief

Manufacturer of America's Favorite changeable Letter Signs

Model SL23 Chalkboard

Model SL21 Dry Erase Board

Model 22 with 6" Characters

Model SL20 with 4" Characters

model 22 Portable roadside Signs

34" H x 48" W [860 x 1200 mm] Message Panels on Both Sides

Standard Models
Part Number  Description
RS22-6Model 22 Roadside Sign with (2) 6" Character Sets (368 count) 
RS22-BFModel 22 Roadside Sign with blank, white corrugated panels
RS22-NPModel 22 Roadside Sign without message panels