model WM-1 Wind-Powered Signs

Add Dynamics to Your Advertising - Get Noticed!

Standard Models
Part Number  Description
WM-02WindMate Wind-Powered Sign with Angled Red "SALE" Panel  
WM-03WindMate Wind-Powered Sign with Vertical Red "SALE" Panel
WM-BFWindMate Wind-Powered Sign with blank, white panel

Model SL20 with 4" Characters

model 20 Sidewalk / sandwich Board Signs

36" H x 21" W [900 x 525 mm] Message Panels on Both Sides
Sign Frame:  Powder Coated Steel measuring 41H x 21W inches [1040 x 530 mm] and weighs 19 lbs [8.6 Kg]

Standard Models
Part Number  Description
SL20-N   Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with (1) 4" and (1) 2" Character Sets (377 count) 
SL20-DModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with (2) 4" Character Sets (372 count)  
SL20-BFModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with blank, white styrene panels
SL20-NPModel 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign without panels
SL21Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with Dry Erase Panels and Marker Set
SL23Model 20 A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with Black Chalkboard and Colored Chalk Set
ACC20PVC Protective Panels Set - Guard your sign from weather and tampering 

Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL20 with Letter Tracks

100015Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL21 - Dry Erase
100105Replacement Panel (1 piece) for SL23 - Chalk Board

metal frame Signs

Designed for years of rigorous outdoor use, all Stop Look Sign metal frame signs feature:

  • Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Message Panels that Support 2", 4", 6" and 8" Characters
  • Optional Covers that Protect Against Weather and Mischief

Model SL21 Dry Erase Board

Model 22 with 6" Characters

Model SL23 Chalkboard

-03 Panel

Manufacturer of America's Favorite changeable Letter Signs

-02 Panel

model 22 Portable roadside Signs

34" H x 48" W [860 x 1200 mm] Message Panels on Both Sides

Standard Models
Part Number  Description
RS22-6Model 22 Roadside Sign with (2) 6" Character Sets (368 count) 
RS22-BFModel 22 Roadside Sign with blank, white corrugated panels
RS22-NPModel 22 Roadside Sign without message panels