static cling letter kits

  All kits include instructions and installation squeegee.

Part Number
Inside Mount
Outside mount
LK5SC-R5"/Bright RedXX190
LK8SC-OY8"/Orange w/yellow borderXX132
LK8SC-R8"/Bright RedXX132
LK8SC-RW8"/Bright Red w/white borderXX132

LB6BLU Letter Box

LB6RD Letter Box

FLEXIBLE Letter Boxes and Kits

Letter Sets are available in indexed boxes and as economy kits. All are printed on 0.020 inch [0.5 mm] thick high impact polystyrene and printed with UV resistant inks.  

  • Letter Boxes are packaged in cardboard boxes with index cards organizing the contents alphabetically.  
  • Letter Kits contain an identical set of characters as the Letter Box, but are packaged in a plastic bag.

Orange w/Yellow Border Static Cling Letter  Kit:  LK8SC-OY

​Static cling letter / Charcter sets

Static Cling characters are printed on 7.0-mil vinyl stock, can be used over and over and, with proper care, will last many years.

  • Professional Window Signs can be Created in Minutes
  • Bright, High-Contrast Colors will be Visible from Great Distances
  • Easy to Use - Simply Remove the Backing and Place onto the Window
  • Keep Your Message Current - Revisions are Quick and Easy!

LB4RD Letter Box

Yellow Border Static Cling Letter 

Kit:  LK8SC-Y

LK2RD Letter Kit

Manufacturer of America's Favorite changeable Letter Signs

LK4BLK Letter Kit

Letter Boxes / Letter kits

Designed for illuminated, metal frame and hanging signs.  Flexible, flat, 0.020 inch thick white translucent plastic material. Boxes arrive with the characters indexed alphabetically for ease of use.  Kits are not indexed.  Letter set contents.

Part Number

Part number​

letter kit

Print Height
[Material Height]  IN.
Letter Color
Number Color
LB2BLKLK2BLK1.69 [2.00]BlackRed186
LB2RDLK2RD1.69 [2.00]RedBlack186
LB4BLKLK4BLK3.75 [4.13]BlackRed186
LB4BLULK4BLU3.75 [4.13]BlueRed186
LB4RDLK4RD3.75 [4.13]RedBlack165
LB6BLKLK6BLK5.85 [6.31]BlackBlack186
LB6BLULK6BLU5.85 [6.31]BlueBlue184
LB6RDLK6RD5.56 [6.31]RedRed186
LB8BLKN/A8.19 [8.50]BlackBlack152