Glassmate Accessories

model RC-xx

"Will return at...." Clock signs

7/8" Hanging Channel

Vivid printing on white styrene

models B3, b4 and C2

message / menu Boards

B3 and B4  Size: 20" x 14" [500 x 350 mm]  Kits include: window suction cup mounting kit, 400 black and 200 red 3/4" [19mm] characters.

C2   Size: 12" x 9" [300 x 225 mm]   Kit includes: desktop easel board and 200 black 3/4" [19mm] characters

model a5

Horizontal OPen/closed slider sign

Backpanels are interchangeable.

model a6

vertical OPen/closed slider sign

Backpanels are interchangeable.

GlassMate PN A5-11

GlassMate PN A6-13

GlassMate OPEN/CLOSED Signs

GlassMate products offer value and flexibility.  Constructed from high performance plastics they will provide years of use and can be adapted to meet changing needs.  GlassMate can be ordered for vertical or horizontal mounting with 20 backgrounds that reflect your unique message.  Sign can be hung on a wall or stuck onto a window with the included suction cup kit.

  • 20 x 14 inches [500 x 350 mm]
  • 12 x 10 inch [300 x 250 mm] changeable letter message slider board
  • Includes 4 suction cups and screws for window mounting
  • Standard kit includes over 400 black 3/4" [19mm] characters

Glassmate letter / Character trees

3/4" [19mm] Height Constructed of HDPE Plastic  /  209 Count

  • 47 Upper Case Letters - 94 Lower Case Letters - 25 Numbers - 43 Symbols / Punctuation
  • Designed for 1/4" [6.4 mm] spaced message board signs

Black:  PN  100027B

Blue:  PN 100027BLU

Red:  PN 100027R

Green:  PN 100027G

White: PN 100027W

Manufacturer of America's Favorite changeable Letter Signs


Message Board Kit

model DM-N

2-sided magnetic sign

12" x 10" [300 x 250 mm] Message Area

Includes 200 black, 200 red characters and two high-strength magnets suitable for mounting sign on metal door frames.  Perfect for Hotel trade shows.

model A7 and A8 Kits

provide your customers with the information they need - open/closed sign and message board kit

  • A7-nn Kit includes: one A5-nn OPEN/CLOSED horizontal slider sign, one C2 counter-top message sign, two black letter trees and one red letter tree.  Chose one of the backgrounds from the A5 selection above.  For example, select A7-11 to receive the "-11" (orange on black) background.
  • A8-nn Kit includes: one A6-nn OPEN/CLOSED vertical slider sign, one C2 counter-top message sign, two black letter trees and one red letter tree.  Chose one of the backgrounds from the A6 section above.  For example, select A8-09 to receive the "-09" (orange on blue) background - shown at right.